Janet Bartles Park


Even on an overcast morning in June, Janet Bartles Park radiates ENJOYment and is a fun way to pass a couple hours of your day. Named for the memory of Janet Bartles, a woman renowned in Cedar Park as a dedicated public servant whose passion led to the improvement of many area parks like Veterans Memorial and Brushy Creek Lake. Janet Bartles Park is a “cheerful reminder” to the legacy she left behind.

IMG_3426Located at 1100 Buttercup Creek Boulevard, Janet Bartles Park is more than just cheerful. It has something for everyone, an easy way to lose your day under the cover of majestic oak trees. Recognized by the walking bridge visible from Buttercup, the park has two sand volleyball courts, a basketball court, a lighted tennis court, a playscape with monkey bars and a slide, a swingset, and enough open green field to practice sports.

The covered playscape is appropriate for most ages, though you’ll want to assist children under three. A fun obstacle course of monkey bars and balance steps will keep your kids entertained while you relax at one of the many picnic tables scattered around, all underneath the trees. Plenty of swings ensure a short wait time and the path through the “woods” is safe terrain for the whole family.

A white pavilion beneath a waving American flag lends the perfect backdrop for a quiet picnic or family photo. The quiet gives you a moment to listen to the birds singing in the trees or watch the squirrels scampering about. Who can’t use more quiet right now?


Just over the bridge sits a large field to practice sports or let your little ones run around and chase butterflies. Bring a blanket and ENJOY gazing at the clouds and forget for a moment how long you’ve been lying there. With so much nature at Janet Bartles Park, it’s easy to ENJOY.

What’s your favorite activity at Janet Bartles Park?